Fake pregnancy bellies were introduced to showcase the fake pregnancies the one who is not really pregnant and mostly the fake pregnant belly is used in plays, movies and for making ads to show as the women is really pregnant in on screen. Even women make use of these bellies to cover up the false pregnancy to strengthen their emotional bonds as to make others to believe as she is pregnant at the time when they undergo planned surrogacy or adoption. Mostly in the cine field they make use of round shaped pillows or roll the clothes and ties around the belly to show as pregnant but it doesn’t fit exactly due to overcome this the usage of fake pregnancy bellies were increased. The original fake pregnancy belly is made up of silicone or foam that fits perfectly also made by considering safe and comfort because while using other materials to show as pregnant can cause some irritations to the stomach also leads to back pain or having chances for causing other injuries.


  • Using of silicone or foam bellies is the best option for showing fake pregnancy which is completely realistic as it comes out with skin colour and likely to wear under the clothes.
  • These bellies were made with high quality medical grade silicon for ensuring the safety as to not cause any allergies.
  • Fake pregnancy bellies are adjustable show that you can make it based on the month which should appear as 3, 6 or any other months.


Easy to buy the fake pregnancy bellies in online

The fake pregnancy silicone bellies were available in online itself which imitates as real pregnant and these bellies can shop in the official websites related to this or in any other shopping websites by going through the quality and testimonials. Then you can place the order for the product based on the quantity needed and then it is available for free shipping as they don’t require any additional charges for delivery. Once the payment is done you will redirected to the page for tracking the order placed.

Fake pregnancy belly week by week

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