The best part in the camping is campfire as all of them will gather at one place and sits around the campfire. Many things can do during campfire whereas sharing the funny summer camp stories will be a best choice as it is a good time to tell stories. Everyone loves to hear the funny camp stories in campfire and is to go with funny stories so that everyone can enjoy and all of them burst out with laughter. Doing like these kinds of activities blossoms the happiness in each and every person. It is a common activity to do in camping which will be loved by kids from elders. That to telling and listening to the stories in the campfire which gives a different feel that may take you to another world itself.

Other than telling stories, singing song, dancing or doing any other activities in the campfire can makes everyone happy yet you can start sharing the funny camping experiences that can be the ever best entertainment activity. Sharing the funny experiences with your camping partners at the time of camping or done any mistake that turns into biggest comedy is more fu to hear. Like sharing these kind of funny experiences with all brings the inner happiness outside and creates a bonding with one another. You can feel the differences of first day and last day of camping as in the first day of camping you will have an exposure of new environment with fresh thoughts and in the last day of camping you will be heading back with lots of sweet memories and new experiences. A single camping can bring many differences in you. Going for camping will be the best thing to spend the free time with family.

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